August 09, 2016
Let your ride reflect your personality

Owning a Jeep® says more than just adventure. It says a lot more. Discover your personality with a Jeep® and a whole new experience will come to you. Visit the Jeep® showroom at Sumbangsih Bahagia to take a closer look or call 2426202 to book for a test drive.

July 01, 2016
Be a Renegade. Do something unexpected

Express the renegade in you by getting yourself a Jeep® Renegade Longitude equipped with all the essential driver comforts and the rugged and genuine look of a true Jeep®. Do something unexpected and visit the Jeep® showroom at Sumbangsih Bahagia, Beribi, and experience the Jeep® Renegade youself. Or call 2426205 for a test drive.